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I've suffered for my art... now it's your turn.

I like to read, write, and make stuff.
(Sometimes, I do all of the above for money, and they even let me edit!)

Friends list: comprised of people whose journals and personalities I find interesting and try to read at least semi-regularly, and who I don't mind reading my journal too. I have a lot of friends-only entries. I get vaguely pouty when people drop me, and while I don't always add everyone who adds me (especially if I feel like my list is too long and I can't keep up), I rarely drop anyone I've added unless they drop me first. Occasionally I do drop and/or ban people who make me uncomfortable.

Elsewhere: Reading journal formerly located at minxbot - since LJ introduced tagging, I now put book posts on this journal.
Research & Writing project (it's a novel) located at intensefragilty

First Post. Private. Please.
If necessary: My info is here.

[[ L ]] >> lights up the FIRE in my heart.

[[ BYAKUYA KUCHIKI ]] >> lights up the FIRE in my heart.

80s, ai yazawa, alice in wonderland, amélie, angela carter, animation, anime, art, art history, astronomy, bat for lashes, beading, beauty, bleach, blythe dolls, book arts, books, borges, brak, british mythology, britpop, buddhism, bunnies, cartoons, cats, chet baker, chococat, chocolate, cocteau twins, coen brothers, collage, comic books, curious george, dame darcy, dan clowes, david bowie, david mitchell, day of the dead, death note, depeche mode, design, detectives, diy, domo-kun, drawing, duckie dale, duran duran, eddie izzard, edward gorey, egl, ella fitzgerald, elvis costello, fashion, feminism, fringe, gackt, games, generation x, george carlin, graphic design, guinevere, haruki murakami, hello kitty, history, intelligence, interior design, interpol, intp, japan, japanese literature, jenny holzer, jewelry design, jonathan carroll, kate bush, kera, kinuko y. craft, kissing, kitsch, knitting, l lawliet, li-young lee, lingua latina, lipstick, literature, lloyd dobler, logic puzzles, lost, manga, mark ryden, meatcake, medieval studies, michael chabon, mods, monkeys, morrissey, muse, myth, nana, neil gaiman, new order, new wave music, no wave, paradise kiss, peter chung, pez dispensers, philosophy, pirates, placebo, postmodernism, pretty dresses, pro-choice, pulp, punk rock, r.e.m., reading, remedios varo, retro, ryo-ohki, sanrio, sculpture, secrets, seventeenth-century england, shelties, sherlock holmes, shoegaze, shoes, sinead o'connor, six feet under, standing behind you, stanley kubrick, surrealism, synthpop, t.s. eliot, the cure, the pixies, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, thomas pynchon, tiki, tim burton, transmetropolitan, twee, utena, vintage, voynich manuscript, writing, yoga, zines, zorak