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my right arm is cursed

OK, so I burned my index finger early in the day Sunday. It's fine now, except that the skin on top has taken on a slight reptilian texture in comparison to its fellows.

Yesterday, it was established that my "carpal tunnel" that won't quite go away is likely to actually be tennis elbow, or maybe both. I used an Ace bandage to wrap the area just below the elbow where wrapping is supposed to be helpful. I did not wrap too tightly.

I am, however, a stomach sleeper, and sometimes I sleep on one or both of my arms.

The end result is that my forearm, wrist, and hand swelled up like sausages while I slept.

They don't hurt, but they're stiff. I'm sure the swelling will go down now that I've removed the bandage and am about to go put my arm on ice.

My dignity will take longer to recover.
saw porno like this

through the veins of history

I just saw Inglourious Basterds and I think I might be a little bit traumatized.

(I mean, the most sympathetic character in the film is plotting mass murder... but that's not new for Tarantino. Neither is the unbearably tense ensemble scene, like the one in the basement. Finally, Christoph Waltz is definitely number one with a bullet for Best Supporting Actor.)
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